P.Louise bases - the new BASE'ic collection - my verdict!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

After the huge success of the P.Louise base (my absolute favourite thing that I have ever discovered!) a huge selection of new bases were released! 💜😱😱 For me this was the best news ever, since this is literally my favourite go to eyeshadow base I just couldn't wait to get my hands on them! But the question is, do they live up to the original?

If you are unfamiliar with P.Louise base - it is an absolute must for every make-up artist. This beautiful little product glides all over the eyelid and acts as an eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadow really sticks to the base, and allows you to create seriously intense colour, as well as perfecting the cut-crease!! Concealer can be used as an alternative to the P.Louise base; if I am using concealer I like to use Tarte cosmetics - shape tape in either medium or light-medium to create a similar effect. However, the P.Louise base, is my absolute go to eyeshadow base, when I want to create a really vibrant make-up look.

New releases!

A selection of shades were released to act as a base for different skin tones, which range from completely white - shade 0 to 5 which is a warm-brown, chocolate tone. These were followed by a range of colours. The winter edition includes 4 pastel coloured shades, in vivid violet, hint of mist, touch of frost and winter rose.

And the brights edition contains 5 shades, rudeboy red, yes aye yellow, banging blue, poppin pink and OTT orange. All the bases come in 15ml tubes (although now the original base has been released in a huge 330ml tube!😍😍)

Naturally I had to get my hands on these as soon as they were released. These were promised to inject flashes of colour into the eye-makeup with the easiest method possible, as someone who is seriously colour obsessed, and loves over the top bright make-up I just had to try them.


The super creamy consistency really does allow you to create absolutely stunning designs with your eye makeup and really allow your natural creativity to flow! These really are a colour overload! They act as amazing bases for your eye-makeup underneath pigment to really intensify any colour, but I've also used them as a super easy tool to create ombre eyeliner, coloured eyeliner and to draw fireworks on my cousin for a new years eve make-up look! The possibilities with these are endless. I've also used them in the waterline for a serious pop of colour.

I absolutely love the P.louise base and the new coloured bases are just incredible! Let's hope we get some more colours to have even more fun with!!

Rukhsaar xx

Left to right:

- P.louise BASE'ics the winter edition and the brights editin to create the winged ombre eyeliner, cut crease and fireworks.

- P.louise BASE'ic in touch of frost in the water line, and banging blue all over the eyelid to create a really intense colour.

- P.louise BASE'ic the brights edition, which I have sampled on my hand, as well as shade 0 (white) and vivid violet, a touch of frost and winter rose from the winter edition.


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