Busy being an STP Trainee!

Just a quick update because I haven't had time to blog, or even post much on Instagram lately. I have been absolutely swamped with work on the STP programme. What exactly is the STP? The STP or Scientist Training Programme, is a government funded NHS training scheme to qualify as a state registered clinical scientist. I am studying haematology (blood cells) and transfusion science, doing the masters component of the programme part time, as well as working full time and fulfilling all the other requirements. It's pretty hard going! With what feels like hundreds of competencies to complete, case studies and assessments, on top of the masters, not including my research project, exams and coursework, trying to make time to juggle working on the business/blog and creating new amazing products for you all hardly leaves me with any spare time at all!

Not to mention all the regular professional development activities I'm always taking part in, talks, presentations etc. I have a deadline for my literature review coming up soon, the first part of my research project, so I haven't quite spent as much time blogging, or trying new products. My skin-care and any basic personal grooming has gone completely out the window! My eyebrows are a total mess, and I desperately need to use my laser hair removal device! (I have a Tria - which I purchased last year - I still need to make a video/blog post on how to use this - and my review - its amazing!)

But hopefully once my deadlines and exams are out the way, I'll get back on top of blogging and Instagram, with some exciting new products coming soon too - which I have been working so, so hard on! I love having a solid background in science because I can really apply this knowledge to the make-up world, so many skills are transferable, but it also allows me to really understand how products might work, or claim to work! What holds true and what doesn't. I definitely want to start blogging more in the future, so I can share all this knowledge with you all, and bring you some completely honest product reviews, as well as some totally amazing new products! In the meantime lots of love! Rukhsaar xx


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